Who we are

We are part of the oldest fraternity in the world with the primary mission of “taking good men and making them better”.

We do this through local community activities such as Child I.D. programs, blood drives and the dedication of “Drug Free School Zones”. Our focus as a group is charity. Through the donations of Brothers from Lodges throughout the country, Masons are able to donate just under two million dollars per day to charity. Some of the funds are used to maintain the excellent Children’s Hospitals, Eye and Burn Centers and institutions such as the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory located in Utica, New York.

Lodges also sponsor local community children to attend Camp Turk during the summer and sponsor college scholarships for area high school seniors.

We strive to be good citizens through the support of our government and the upholding of it’s laws. We strive to maintain high moral standards. We take great pride in our fraternity and value the friendships of our members witnessed by the fact that we refer to each other as “Brothers”.

Master of the Lodge: Michael J. Smith
Senior Warden: Daniel C. Friedman
Junior Warden: Harrison Greene

2012 to 2013 Line of Officers

2012 to 2013 Line of Officers

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